I Invite You to a Life of Clarity, Creativity and Compassion

Supporting individuals and teams with personal and professional development through coaching and staff development training.

I invite you to a life of contentment, deep satisfaction and joy as a regular experience...and you don't have to make major changes for this to happen.

"I didn't know where to start in unpicking my muddle of interrelated problems.  Jayne's heartfelt empathy and to the point questions helped me to quickly get to the core of my issues, instantly reconnecting me with some values and ideals that were buried for years.  I feel lighter, more alive and have a clearer sense of direction.  Thank you!"
(Jolanda Bastein, Group Facilitator)

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Current Work

As well as supporting individuals through online coaching, Jayne is working with Breathe of Heaven on the Isle of Cumbrae (breathofheaven.co.uk) as the Director/Celebrator of Programmes. You can find details of all events, workshops and retreats on their website and facebook page.